My journey has been turning a passion into purpose for business and creating business for others’ purpose







“Great things are created when expectations and integrity meet achievement”

JadeYoga Ambassador 

Creative Consultant


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Consultant | Business Associate

Content Marketing
Project  Organization
Communications Management

Core Specialty: Health and Wellness

Core Values: Working with brands and businesses that adhere to creative integrity, respecting the powerful influence social publishing has on people.

Business Consulting
Using all your resources and goals to discover how we can best promote and organize your business and meet clients. How you want others to trust in you and your business.
Research key phrases. How your audience {competition and customers} uses social media to find services / products you sell. Determine which social platform your audience uses to get their news and information. Publish content that identifies your services and products. Share content to and from other businesses which compliment your business.
Marketing & Data
Begin with a plan. Design your social media, website and brand image. Content  and data management – schedules, images, writing, email marketing and social networking. Creating partnerships, return customers, and referrals.
Creative Projects        Creative Projects         Creative Projects