Social Networking – Facebook

After you complete setting up a Facebook page,
which is significantly more intricate than Twitter – but still follow the same rules laid out for Twitter.
Go through all the options in all the sections:

Home    Profile    Find Friends     Account

Under Account is Account Settings which brings you to My Account
Across the top is Setting   Networks   Notifications   Mobile   Language   Payments   Facebook Ads

Click through all of them just to become familiar the main ones you will use are Settings and Notifications there are many options and you will probably adjust them as time goes on, anything you are not clear about just ASK –

Facebook FAN page  & Facebook “Likes”

These are two tricky sections – I am better off adding links to articles that explain this better, because in all reality it could change very fast and not be as a nomenclature as it is as of June 12, 2011.

Basically, what these feature are a part of is SEO, which is Search Engine Optimization, meaning when you Google a business the ones that show up on the first page have very good SEO – now, this is obviously very special to industry type. Popular industries will have much higher competitive SEO factors. Keywords, backlinks, etc are also super important when dealing with SEO; with that enter Facebook > millions of people identify with Facebook – ok so, NOT taking advantage of participation with Facebook in some way could be a business’s fatal error. The big buzz is HOW do we know what works? And, HOW do we know it will stay that way We don’t! What can be done is to follow the crowd so- to- speak and do what the competition does so we don’t get overlooked or better put under searched!

Enter Facebook again – millions are doing it, so we must do something! Gather fans, create a “LIKE” button on your webpage, “LIKE”others’ pages and articles, have a presence and participate.


Facebook Events

You for sure want do this! An easy way to work around the rules with Facebook is to post events. Facebook DOES NOT allow advertising straight up on pages – you CAN create events, post pictures that talk about events, etc. Make it subtle and discrete and ALWAYS ALWAYS direct traffic back to your webpage!