Social Marketing FAQ

Social Marketing Resources – social terms and definitions

Social Marketing is defined as promoting for the good of society

Social Networking is defined from an online perspective as a group of people engaged in a community called social sites, social sites are websites that people with common interests coupled with location diversity, visit for socialization – in other words Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare,  website blogs, etc.

Social Media Marketing is strategically creating promotional content that draws awareness to consumers. This is not achieved through a direct sales pitch over a social media platform, but rather an organized process that involves business content delivery. The content is comprised of your personal and company subject matter and the delivery are through social media sites

Social Media is interacting communication dialogue such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blogs, Flickr, Digg, Technorati, etc.


1.  What is Twitter?
A social network that is considered a microblog

2.  What is the Twitterverse? 
The universe of people that use Twitter

3. How do you set up a Twitter account?
Sign up with a username/password  Remember to activate your Twitter account by checking your email after registration.

4. What should I include in my profile?
Keep your profile basic, and people wanting more. Your profile can only be 160 characters, so keep it to a short tag line, or encourage people to contact you elsewhere on the web.

5. How do you customize your background?
Go to Settings, then Design. You can upload pictures or use one of the pre-designed Twitter. Backgrounds. Additionally, you can do a Google search for basic Twitter template backgrounds.

6. I am on Twitter, now what?
That is the first step you will take in a series designed to find you leads and referral partners as you search the globe, or your current location for ideal clients. Start creating connections and create tweets about yourself, about your business, and providing tips.

7. What is a Tweet?
A tweet is an update you post that your followers see in their Twitter stream, and everyone on Twitter can see when they check out your account? Tweets are less than 140 characters, because they were designed to be like text messages for the internet – micro blogging

8. What should I tweet about?
You should vary your tweets with posts about different topics. When you first start they should be helpful tidbits, facts, quotes, article and blog post links, retweets among other tweets. Limit promotional tweets to 20% of your total tweets or less.

9. What are Twitter Lists?
Twitter lists were created to help you categorize your Twitter followers more effectively. You can create as many lists as you want, in order to pay attention to the correct followers.

10. What is Direct Message?
Direct message is the equivalent to email on Twitter. These are personal one on one messages.

11. What is a Mention?
When you want to address a tweet to someone, and let them know you wanted to the intended recipient to see the tweet. A mention will have an @ symbol in front of it.

12. What is a Retweet?
This is a tweet that you redo for one of your followers because you want to re send the message

13. How can I find qualified followers?
One of the best ways to find followers based on geography or industry is to use a site, such as WeFollow or Twellow. These are Twitter directories that help you find Twitter users based on geography, industry, or keyword. Another way is to use Twitter search to look for new followers.

14. What is a Hashtag?
A Hashtags help organize information by different topics and ideas – it referes to the subject you are typing about like #hashtag means, my subject is about hashtags


15. How do you use Twitter for business?
A. Direct people to a squeeze page, blog, or website. Twitter is in essence a gigantic social bookmarking site wrapped in a social network. It is great for sharing information that can be spread throughout the web quickly.
B. Create connections on Twitter. Create new relationships that can then be directed to other social networks and eventually offline relationship building.
C. Keep current customers up to date on what you are working on right now.

16. What are your favorite tools for using Twitter for your business?
There are different tools for Twitter to help automate Twitter . SocialOomph for scheduling tweets in advance and following back new followers. TweetAdder for automated following and also creating automated tweets.

17. To automate or not to automate?
This is a heated discussion – Some people say that automating Twitter reduces the personal social side of social media. If you balance your actions then using automation is ok, as long as it enhances your manual use of the site. Automation by itself is not always as successful. Moderation is the key.

18. How do you check new Tweets from your followers?
Use your Twitter stream to keep up with new tweets from your followers. When you are no longer able to keep up with your followers tweets Tweetdeck or Hootsuite are options

19. What is a Tweetup?
A meetup from that uses Twitter to organize the event, and used to encourage new attendees.

20. What is the follower/following ratio?
When you first start using Twitter you can follow roughly 2,000 people, before they start looking at your Follower/Following ratio. After 2,000 followers you need to keep your account below 110% following to followers ratio.

21. How many people can I follow?
You can follow 1,000 people everyday.

22. How do you unfollow users?
To unfollow a specific user that was not helping your business. The best way to do this is go to their profile, click the green button that says following and you have unfollowed a user.

23. What is automated unfollowing?
Automated unfollowing is using 3rd party services to automate your unfollowing. You can unfollow massive numbers of people by the touch of a button.

24. Is automated unfollow permitted for Twitter?
No. One of the best free services is ManageFlitter. You can highlight and unfollow up to 100 users at a time. For a paid version, you can use TweetAdder, but be careful about automatic unfollowing, because it is not permitted in Twitters guidelines.

25. How can I make sure that no private information gets on Twitter?
You can make your Tweets private by going to the upper right corner where there is a drop box where you can see the settings tab. Then you scroll down to protect my tweets. Click on the box, and save. Only your followers will see your tweets.

26. What is a Twitter Fail Whale?
When Twitter’s servers crash there is a Twitter Fail Whale. When they were first getting started, the servers had problems keeping up with the massive influx of data that overwhelmed their servers. There were a lot of blackouts on the site, and they put up a picture of a Whale being carried by birds. That is why it is called the Twitter Fail Whale. Because Twitter is down when you see it.

27. What is a Twitter OA?
OA stands for Outside Authorization. Third party developers use this to connect their applications to Twitter. It makes the sign up period easy, because you can use your Twitter account to sign up without having to provide any third party information to outside developers.



1. What is a Social Media Dashboard?
A website that can publish updates to multiple social media sites at the same time, it is also used to manage your posts in a timely way, track results, and much more – Hootsuite is a one example of a dashboard system

2. How can you connect your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube Accounts to Twitter?

 go to the applications page, and you will find a slew of different applications designed to connect your account, so information can flow both ways.

LinkedIn- On LinkedIn, go to the last tab at the top labeled More. It is a scroll down tab, and there you will see an Answers button. Click it! Then go to Tweets. Add application and do the Twitter connect, so the two accounts connect to each other.

YouTube- In the profile section of YouTube there is a tab for Activity Sharing. Look for Twitter out of the list social networks to connect to Youtube. Then click Connect, and go through the Twitter OA.


1. What is LinkedIn?
A business focused social networking site – over 100 million users, free to join

2. How do I connect with people?
You use your email client to import contacts – LinkedIn has a help feature to assit with this. When you attend Networking events and connect wth othe people, look them up using the search people feature on your LinkedIn page, type a message that reminds them of where/how you meet and ask to connect.

3. How can I get my LinkedIn account to be 100% complete?
In your profiles tab there are sections that you can add content to, for example your job experiences, your Summary of experiences, your eduction, hobbies, etc. As you add content your complete status will eventually reach 100%

4. How can I get I engage with more people in my industry through LinkedIn?
Joining groups is a great way to engage with others not only in your location but around the globe. You can also follow companies like you would follow someone on Twitter, this will keep you connected with company activites.


1. What is a Facebook business page?
If you have a business account, you will be able to view and edit all of your Pages and Ads created with that account. You can take any action on the Pages you administer, including editing your Page information or adding Page content such as photos, videos, and events. You can also view all the statistics related to both your Pages and your ads. You will not, however, be able to view the profile information of any other users on the site, or add any other applications to your account. Your account will not be visible in search and other users on the site will not be able to find you and add you as a friend.

2.  What is a Facebook Like?
The Like button lets a user share your content with friends on Facebook. When the user clicks the Like button on your site, a story appears in the user’s friends’ News Feed with a link back to your website.

3. What is Facebook?
It is the most influential social networking site in the world – it houses personal and business content that is shared with others.

4. What is an organic ad?
When your business appears on search results pages simply by investing in SEO keyword placements



1. What is a blog?
A journal type entry that is posted online on a regular basis – weekly – the topics are usually based on your businesses core values, it has evolved throughout the social media era into a much broader subject matter; it is now acceptable to blog about every aspect of your personal hobbies, events and even family values. The blog can be the most important aspect of your business influence regarding your online presence.

2. What is WordPress?
WordPress is a Content Management System designed to make it easier for bloggers to update content to the site on a regular basis without having a foundation in html or css.

3. Why is WordPress helpful for your business?
WordPress can help your business regulary update content that visitors to your site can view.

Social Marketing General

What factors are involved in determining klout?
Number of followers, Power of Followers, Updates frequency, Update Regency,
Follower /Following Ratio, Engagement

What is an API?
Application Programming Interface – it allows users to interact with other applications thru the current site they are using. It is continual updated information.

What is an app?
An Application that executes a particular function that in turn runs on your computer or mobile device – music, social media, news “apps”

What is UX?
User Experience is knowledge from a user on products or services – it is used to describe the view from a user’s point of view in a social way. Its business emphasis is matching the company’s strategy and the customers’ needs

What is Wibiya?
Wibiya provides a social bar that enables blogs and websites to integrate the most exciting services and web apps onto their site. Adding the Wibiya bar allows publishers to choose from a great variety of apps and features including a variety of Facebook and twitter sharing apps in addition to many other social networking sites, Smart Share capabilities, notifications, an online shop, games, a foursquare app, 3D galleries and much, much more.

What is Snapfish?
A photo sharing social network that allows users to share, print, pick-up photos in stores, videos, create photo products, film development and more.

What is Four Square?
A social network that is used for location-based check-ins using GPS tracking on your mobile phon. It provides users to interact with their environment according to the venue. 8 million users

What is a badge on Four Square?
A type of virtual ticket or ownership name that is earned when you check in to specific venues.

What is YouTube?
A video hosting site

What is social commerce?
The process of selling goods or services through social networking activities.

What is e-commerce?
Electronic commerce is the buying and selling of products or services over the internet

What does it mean when something goes viral? Viral refers to an extremely popular item that is re-produced many times.

What is User-Generated Content? UGC is user created content

What is a virtual world? A simulated space online that is part real life and part fantasy life; the use of avatars to social with others – the option to exchange money for goods or land for trade with others – it is also for virtual events

What is Web 2.0? The term for social media dialogue and online user generated content

What is web analytics? The measurement of your data from online performances

What is Web conferencing? When people conduct meetings over the internet

What is webcasting? The delivery of audio or video broadcasts over the internet

What is a webinar? An online seminar transmitted over the internet

What is Wi-Fi? Wireless Fidelity is a connectivity system used to provide access to the interent without cables or adaptors

What is a widget? A content that looks like a desk top icon that contains information that is constantly updating

What is a wiki? A user edited content collaborative website – social test

What is Wikipedia?
An online encyclopedia that is published by volunteers and can be updated by any online user – editions come in more than 200 languages

What is mobile marketing? Using a mobile device for advertising your product or service in a tactful way that is more of a tip or coupon message of interest according to the consumer

What is Second Life? An online virtiual world that allows users to interact with each other by way of creating avatars

What is Rediit? A social news site that involves voting on posts created by users

What is StubleUpon? A web search engine toolbar that finds and invites users to vote on photos, web pages, videos, etc.

What is Delicious?
A social bookmarking web platform for finding and sharing bookmarks . Users can tag bookmarks individual indexing– more than 5 million users

What is Flickr
A photo  image and video hosting social media site – more than 5 billion users

What is Digg?
A social news site that allows users to vote on subject matter – more than 8 million users

What is a Meetup?
A social networking site that organizes person events people attend in person – work related, hobbies, political, intellectual, exercise, health, animals, etc. Events are all over the globe –