Social Content – Twitter
After creating an account go to the SETTINGS section and thoroughly complete all options at the top:
Account Password Mobile Notifications Profile Design Application
> scroll through top to bottom on each option, read carefully and complete all > add links, webpages, other informational sites you are on, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. there are several programs that can assist increasing your following and followers, some examples:,,,
These are just options for beginners. You can search on your own in the SEARCH box for twitter, scouring the internet, Google this/that, research, joining LinkedIn groups and asking their Twitter handle (I will review later in LinkedIn section), etc. There are several ways to increase followers and following.
In the beginning, a good goal for number of followers is 100 Following will be greater and much easier to obtain > this means DO NOT STOP until you reach your 100 followers, then you can relax and increase slowly and over time, but until you get 100 KEEP MOVING! creating a two-way conversation< integrated marketing < Your posts should be about interest to you, your business, your research – ask questions, share articles, share your experiences, and post an events you attending and tell why you are attending – DO NOT POST SPECIALS OR DISCOUNTS you are offering Twitter is NOT for that and you could risk losing followers that way. What you CAN do instead is to lead or engage people to your webpage and that DOES AND SHOULD announce or list your SPECIALS OR DISCOUNTS, pricing, etc. The way you do this is by engaging the consumer through postings – you can list your webpage on your Twitter BIO section which shows up under your name on the home page and you can create a link on your postings that directs them to your webpage that talks about the postings you created (I address this thoroughly in the webpage section).
Can you believe this little bird has so much power? Believe it does and it is not going away!
Build Your Nest!