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I love words and I love the idea that content – Search | Find | Social | Publish –  is what is the most marketable aspect for your business. Having a passion for words, (and photography) I have always been drawn to the idea that visual and verbal appeal “sells”.

My blog is about how do we know what search and social is going to work for our business.

Social | Publishing

You see a great deal of images on social channels. Pintrest and Instagram are my favorite social publishing channels. Both have monopolized the visual/verbal appeal for digital consuming. For the most part, it is this digital version of an overactive focus board. You get loads of visually appealing choices and your boards are made up of all these pins from all over the internet.

Businesses use Pintrest to sell – which is search, find, social and publishing. Images are posted, they create a write up and a link to their landing page. The results have been outstanding for many businesses. Blogs have been discovered, products have been shared and ‘gone viral’. “Trending” posts,  which of course, increases sales. This even advances creative artists with authorship and photographers on a personal level get recognized.  Pintrest is a wonderful environment and the digital capabilities at our finger tips is phenomenal.

On my Search and Social Blog, I will comment and provide solid examples of how businesses and personal creativity is utilized on such sites as Pintrest. Social publishing is for reputable marketable campaigns that are useful and educate your customers and create followers.

Search | Find

I love the blogs on the internet that educate you and teach you more about their products or services.  There is a wealth of knowledge out there.

With that said, there is a warning when it comes to Search | Find | Social | Publish as well. Social publishing creates this inevitable ‘second opinion’ must have response (reviews).  I have researched many topics over the years , as many of us have , and  we always find numerous sources to educate us on the topic we are researching.

On the average, what would you say is your ‘second opinion’ number? Do you look at 2, 4, 6 or more different sources for a ‘second opinion’? These are the reviews that are easily found through search too. Search | Find | Social | Publish

The point is to produce your content and get it published  and  available on search. If you invest in creating this fantastic marketing campaign, especially one that educates your potential customers, and do not bother to make it searchable, you are wasting time and money. Search | Find | Social | Publish

My blog will also comment on tips and strategies businesses use on an organic level that create searchable published information about their business. With the knowledge that everyone gets a ‘second opinion’ on search – there is no reason to believe that you have too much competition or that you won’t be found… Search | Find | Social | Publish