Brand Organizer

Project Consultant

Organized business professional with a Creative disposition | designing your brand and your messaging.

Using a creative approach to business and organizing, I work with businesses to determine their brand image, objectives and what they need organized. I represent an authentic and successful style to creative marketing and organizing interdisciplinary business elements.

With more than fifteen years of  project leadership, using creative business solutions, and my business experience working as a marketing professional, creative writer, photographer, and website consultant –  I offer comprehensive, fun, focused qualities for your business goals.

Using a Organized Leadership style and applying Evergreen Content for sharing knowledge.

Love yourself enough to have the integrity to do something toward your creative purpose everyday

Work with brands and businesses that adhere to integrity  – respecting the powerful influence publishing social content has on people

“Great things are created when integrity meets achievement”
                                                                                   – Christina Lee


Designing social content, developing marketing strategies, and incorporating promotional networking for your business – working with you to discover other areas of talent for you to share and create business for yourself.

I started Media Channel Marketing – a consulting business for online marketing, social networking and web site management – in 2009. Later, I re-named my business to Creative Projects Network, and today I simply use my name. I have a degree in Business Marketing | Social Sciences and many years of experience in corporate business as a project manager and marketing professional. My education and experiences opened the doors to integrating core elements  for a content leadership role; a natural transition to discovering my talent for consulting, social media marketing, and  website management, which ultimately lead to incorporating my creative writing and photography with online businesses.

My business approach delivers simple, creative communication techniques – I make connections and use creative management techniques that deliver powerful marketing campaigns for clients – being able to discern client’s needs and to implement their vision, connect them with their target markets, and communicate business strategies for successful interactions.

My work requires research, patience and constant attention to detail – Managing the technical side of search strategies, website management and social media integration is time consuming – hiring a consultant that manages your social marketing efforts allows you to focus on your business and your passion.

Throughout the years of working as a Consultant, I found my greatest achievements and strengths in organizing and planning clients marketing and business goals and objectives using social marketing, Google results and website integration.