New Trends  to Follow Now Relationship Marketing






New Trends to Follow Now! What does relationship marketing mean for your business? One of the top 2018 marketing trends of 2018 is creating a customer centric business approach.

You’re thinking – I do that, my customers always come first!!!

There’s a lot more to it , simplicity will not win out in this new day and age of marketing.

There is actually an art to customer service now that has many layers.

In the past customer service was verbal and direct – face-to-face, over the phone – then written email. The new movement is similar with technology woven in –

The internet has made good customer service a huge must – review, stars – right there up front and center.

I admit it – I go to the 4 or more stars first  – I feel like no reviews is almost better, it makes me do a ton more research on the service or product, if I want something bad enough and the place with no reviews looks like the best (or best location) I do as much research as possible to find out more.

Once I do commit to my desired business of service or a product, it’s all about the customer experience.

If I like the product, how was the representative? Polite? Knowledgeable? Attentive?

If I did not like the product, add Empathetic? Did they provide options for exchange or return? Did they ask questions about alternatives? How much did they try to solve my problem?


Receiving a service it’s the same thing, how did the staff treat my experience – right!

So how does this change things? Technology is the driving force behind how customer service will make or break a business – even small business, even one person business.

It will be exceedingly difficult to survive without getting on board with the new technology.

There is already a huge push towards optimizing partnerships, reviews, and content allocation. Creating your Marketing Plan to incorporate these trends will be your answer to staying in the game.

The role of a relationship marketing manager is to cultivate and sustain customer partnerships. Teaching and guiding the marketing team to 100% customer satisfaction (guaranteed) through purposeful, directed marketing initiatives. Developing long lasting partnerships with like-minded businesses, customers and consumers.