Creating your Social Networking Niche


Social Listening

I recently attended a presentation hosted by the Business Marketing Association (BMA) and one of the organizers from the BMA LinkedIn Group posted a topic of discussion about Social Media and listening “How do you take what you’ve learned through social media listening and turn it into action? ” My comment was ‘ Creating opportunities for results depends on listening. The social aspect of networking online is where those opportunities come from. Reading comments or articles then commenting on those subjects is essentially listening on a social interactive level. ‘

The same day (May 23, 2012) I read an article from Business Insider about How “Insane” and complicated Social Media is  and  my comment on Google + was ‘There really is nothing complicated – it’s just about choosing, then following, then social interacting. Confusing? Only if you feel you need to know and participate in everything – which you do not. There is a lot out there, it’s the internet!’ I feel like these 2 subjects are inter-related.

Yes, there is a ton of social media and networking out there:

I believe you need to find Your Social Media Niche!

There is definitely a science behind participating in social networking and the media, you need to find out where your target market hangs out and you need to find out where your business counterparts hang out. That’s your niche and that simplifies things. The measurement of ROI depends on how many conversions are created by visitors to your website – you get visitors to your website by being in your social niche space and creating value in those social spaces.