Can Podcasts Be Optimized? Questions Answered About Content Management






Can Podcasts Be Optimized? Questions Answered About Content Management

Podcast are gaining more momentum than ever! Content Management will prove exceedingly valuable during the transition to Voice.  Alexa, Goolge Assistant. There are loads of research pointing to Voice being the new search – typing to receive information is already minimal, the future is promising Voice to become even more of the new norm. We simply speak our commands for everything and AI speaks back our desired answers, solutions. And, this will become even more interesting for content and search.

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This article from Pacific Content was compelling for describing the move toward optimizing podcast.

When I speak into Google Assist and want the location for “coffee place near me” Google populates dozens of options in a matter of seconds, from my Voice command. If Writing Content is so important to getting found on Search, then how will I get found through Voice? How does this process work?

The amazing VoiceConn was a huge eye-opener for me. Discovering the future of how Voice and AI will transform the ability for search. The demand for structured – extreme targeted advertising methods will take over the search world. For example: “Google give me a list of coffee places near me” will be taken over by businesses that pay more to have their business pop up because Voice will begin to populate brands that sponsor or pay to advertise more directly according to voice.

This sounds really basic – this is already done or I can optimize my headlines, show notes, etc. all of these things are great and will be optimized through traditional Content Search. However, Voice Search will be much more competitive – “Google find a store near me that sells white blouses in a size Small” or “Google find me 2018’s bestselling book on Marketing” .

To meet the competition you will have to partner with like-minded business – for Example: Department Stores that sell your brand, book sellers that house your book and so on.

The key to getting found from Voice AI is going to take additional effort, written content, inventory and partnerships – partnerships you never thought you’d have to embark upon.  As much I think this may scare or intimidate business, I actually, truly feel this is a huge bonus for businesses!

Community is an integral part of business, great customer service keeps customers coming back – great reviews, time-stamped followers or membership loyalty. We know this and businesses have found lots of ways to ensure they have stellar reviews – free give-a-ways if you write a good review, for example.

This will still be a huge part of your businesses success – “Google what are 5 star rated restaurants near me”.  Think: “Google what are 5 star rated restaurants near me that have vegan choices” and you haven’t updated your menu or enough content that advertises vegan options – you lost out on Search results and paying customers.

If, the other hand, you have smart-partnership with some top brands of the ingredients you use for vegan recipes, content on your website about vegan eating, etc. You are much more likely to get found through Voice.

Partnerships allow for a broader reach in Search, the more people and business you have in your community the better your reputation. The move toward building a business community will become more and more apparent and the sooner you embrace this change, you’ll be way ahead of the competition.

You will literally turn your competition into partnerships you never thought existed.