Business Organizing | Guide

In order to keep order, your mind plays a huge role in organizing your business. Don’t forget a clean house means a clean mind. Get rid of the old to bring in the new. Put things back where you found them. Label that. Label this. Back it up. Prepare for outages – have extra batteries, toiletries, writing supplies, etc.  And, like the image above, this beautifully organized clean desk space is pretty much the starting point for most people – your work space.

Business organizing is about preparing your mind and environment for a smooth running day as much as possible, things will pop up that through you off course and when they do, the more organized you are, the easier it will be to address the issues, get right back to work. Also, being able to be attentive for both business and personal issues are really your end goal. Organizing your life and business creates a better you.

Organization. Most people believe that they are somewhat organized, I’ve asked some extremely unorganized, forgetful people if they feel that they are organized and they inevitable say “yes” – they truly believe they are organized. Many people think:  I’m just forgetful or I don’t have a good enough product yet, or that it’s just not in my human nature – “I’ve always been unorganized”. Being unorganized is a mindset that can be changed with simple methods.

Memory and atmosphere are key ingredients to organizing. How you look for things, where you look for things. This includes everything from your objects around your house, your files in your computer, appointments, new learnings, and conversations with people.  Organization plays a huge role in an effort to improving these and doing them efficiently.

There is a process for anything and being organized is no different, from your memory and forgetfulness to your product and business, there are systems that can help you improve and master-hack organizing.

The first steps in creating an organized business is more about goals and procedures

I created my business around a design principle: Create unique content. It’s not complicated and it helps me generate my business using intuition, science and rationalization.

 Once you’ve established a flow of creative expression, it can feel a bit unorganized – post it and hope it!

The best way to wrangle in the creative ideas and advertise your work is to write about it. You don’t necessarily have to post a blog – it’s more about seeing how you want it to be presented for customers.

Most people are visual and sales usually come from a great book cover and great designs. A good start is then is to design first and write second. Once you have chosen a design then write about it from that design; let the business of it make sense, let your imagination take over. You will probably write much more content, come up with more hashtags and keyword ideas, and even find new ways to connect with other like-minded businesses.

Using a check list is a tired and true strategy for mapping out marketing steps – hashtags, Keyword research, Trending Now, Customer Needs.

The key is to write out the process. Putting things in folders is essential, getting familiar with cloud storage helps with flexibility. Naming schemes are great too.

Being organized is a strategic process – a big business buzz phrase! Simple put Organize!

It’s your business make it work for you and your customers.

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