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Consulting Services
3 part consultation

  •  One on one brainstorm about your goals – business and passions. We use all your resources to discover how we can best promote your business and speak to your cause – what you believe in and how you want others to believe in you and your business.
  •  A document proposal is created that outlines marketing  and branding objectives – SEO, website, online presence -including Facebook / Ads , Instagram , Podcasts   – developing an Audio Strategy
  • Follow up meeting to discuss the execution of your marketing.

We will get answers about your social media, keywords and phrases – teaching you that the more you use your personal knowledge about your business the more value there is in reaching marketing goals – you are the best at delivering your business – my job is to talk to you about what you know about your business and share that to your potential and current customers.

Discovery –  key searched phrases – hashtags, who they follow and why – how your audience {competition and customers} uses social media to find services /  products  you sell. Determine which social platform your audience uses to get their news and information. Publish content that identifies your services and products. Share content to and from  other businesses which compliment your business and your cause.

Content Leadership

We put all this information into action. We design  – all content related material  –  a keyword focused website, social media, print,  integration. SEO – search engine optimization is available (what happens when you Google your business? Are the tags and messages what you want them to be!?)
I explain the process and  begin to share ideas  – support and promote your business. 

We discover  how your business can change in a short time into a professional online presence that flows from one business to the next.

$99 for 60 minutes Private Consulting

$299 for 3 part Consultation Service

$1999 (approximate) Monthly fee for Content Management 

Using your current business and focus – conducting an interview with you to construct a creative presentation for your audience. Discovering other marketable talents and passions you have that you can utilize to help others which will create additional business opportunities for you!

We sit together and brainstorm your talents using creative expressions that turn into business opportunities (From: I like to take pictures To: Amateur Photographer, Instagram Marketing). We create a service plan: what hours you work, what you want to charge, who you want to market to, location. We write your story, we create some bullet points and creative thoughts together and put it into form.

WordPress Development

Brand Creation is time consuming and having someone else manage your marketing provides freedom for you and allows you more personal dedication to concentrate on your passions and business goals.

We do the work:  Manage your social publishing from blogs, website copy, social media posts, and press releases to print material. Keeping a consistent marketing brand throughout all your marketing efforts is extremely effective and creates free brand advertising! Establishing key phrases through an organic research Google tool identifies the use of key terms that describe your business. Title Tags, Meta Descriptions.

Educating your audience with content that creates community engagement.



Creative Consultant

Business Consultant