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My LifeStyle Skills Blog will focus on new and improved ways to upgrade your health, gift ideas, great café & restaurant spots in Chicago and more.

My goal is to help people see how easy it is to turn hobbies and passions into fun, useful  business BrandBoards™.

Developing a healthy lifestyle is a skill.

Skills are defined as the ability to do something well.

Well-being is defined as the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy.

Therefore, it is logical to assume that it is a skill to live a healthy life.


The new but very old trend of fasting has become a mainstream topic and boasting many, many benefits to our health – both mind, body and soul. Fasting provides a holistic approach to a healthy life style.

I, myself, have found fasting to be of considerable benefit to my healthy lifestyle and well-being.

I choose to use the 16 hour-fasting method as well as incorporating fats in the morning and carbs in the evening.

My energy has increased a ton, my skin has improved (healing from breakouts is more rapid) and my appreciation for food is greater – learning about food and how it benefits my gut and brain health has always been a passion of mine.

As much as I thought I knew about food, healthy-safe fasting has taken my knowledge about food to a whole new level.



Naomi Whittel is the author of GLOW15, among many other achievements, her research and insight has been extremely helpful in my progression towards a more holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle.

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