Words will have even more impact than before – Words are powerful, we know the importance. The internet has compounded the need for honest, direct * targeted* messaging. It’s not new to us that our messaging needs to be high quality.

With this sudden interruption and the new social distancing, how can digital collaboration translate into Words that reach high levels of empathy? feeling?

What will people need to feel? What will create a reaction from your business to their emotional state that ensures loyalty? Spread the word not the germ about your business

This is going to mean messaging that is fresh and yes, clean.

I think safety will be the key messaging we need to convey. Not just with products, it’s caring for the world on a whole new level.

Safety is protection from danger – an assurance with unfamiliar surroundings.

I felt much more comfortable keeping certain yoga studios in mind  – after we are safe to return to social settings – that went above and beyond to offer online classes, meditation music to kept calm, and most importantly a message that stated they are keeping with government guidelines to ensure the studio is clean and disinfected. Those are the “brands” I want in my future.

The key to great advertising is to embody the feelings of excitement, curiosity, joy, happiness, laughter…and now, safety.

Evoke a sense of safety around your brand messaging that creates an emotional connection to them – that reminds people that ‘you understand’, that you are willing to go above and beyond normal standards to ensure safety in every single area of your business.

Even if you never see people in person and are conducting business 100% online – you can still let people know you practice safe living environments for the world you live in!!! Because your world is their world, too. And, you respect and contribute to the safety of our world.

How can we use this interruption to our *messaging* advantage?

I’m offering discounted consultations for new marketing techniques. Times are changing the way we do business – your brand messaging should adapt and speak the language customers want to hear – they want to feel safe, they want to know you care about them, they want new information! I can help – we need to “spread the word” not spread the germ  🙂 call me or email christina@christinadlee.com www.christinadlee.com