Who Is Your Champion & Why That Matters When Choosing A Brand


When you know who your champion is your focus on choosing a brand is easy. What is a champion? Someone who speaks to the integrity of your ideas, health, hobbies and passions. Choosing your champion should be based on your passions and how you decide to connect yourself with a social reputation. Many people will only buy organic or natural products based on how packaging is made for example, is it recycled material, do they conduct animal testing, and are the materials they are using safe for the environment, and for health * A champion will have the qualities you advocate for in addition to having the success you strive to achieve.

Julie Colbrese, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and experienced group facilitator at Hot Coffee Coaching, teaches how to choose your Champion and has mastered the art of coaching “a champion is someone who believes in you more than you believe in yourself, holds you to your best self and calls you on your objections.” It’s the same with a champion for your brand. Her process is based on a strategy that has worked for years and proven successful for many clients.

Brand choice should be your subsequent social decision.

Chose brands that support you, support your champion and support your passions. Success comes quickest when we follow our hearts. Your social reputation based on your passions and champion will then lead you to the customer base you want in your circles. Being surrounded by like-minded others is your best approach to accomplishing success on a personal and business level – reciprocal support is inevitable. It progresses from a natural growth process, decisions come easier and choices made from a confident perspective – people will follow you and you will want to follow them based on similar brand integrity.

These choices will create an overflow of connections that all work together.

Collaboration is much more meaningful when we work together and support each other based on similar goals. Make your social efforts count by choosing a champion and choosing brands that support your passions!
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Brand Integrity

Brand Integrity