Themed Images – Purpose to Brand Design

There is an art to Branding Images A consistent dialogue of color with all images creates a brand that is sophisticated, memorable and emanates feelings. Customers are looking for brands that exude trust. Trust is a huge motivating factor for decision makers i.e. the...

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Business Organizing Guide

Business Organizing | Guide Introduction In order to keep order, your mind plays a huge role in organizing your business. Don’t forget a clean house means a clean mind. Get rid of the old to bring in the new. Put things back where you found them. Label that. Label...

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Organize your Business

Small Businesses How to organize your small business Organizing your business is a scientific-art. You have to know your audience. Who is your audience? Customers - Buyers. Business Associates - Partners.  Knowing exactly who you’re targeting matters. How you post,...

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The #1 Reason Content Succeeds

The #1 Reason Content Marketing Succeeds Content Marketing: Creating the perfect post: Image, words, tags – wait, not that, not this. Start over! It happens to us all, that uncertainty of should I, shouldn’t I ??  Then you have certain posts to question: Why did they...

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Search | Find | Social | Publish

Search | Find | Social | Publish I love words and I love the idea that content - Search | Find | Social | Publish -  is what is the most marketable aspect for your business. Having a passion for words, (and photography) I have always been drawn to the idea that visual...

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