Social Media is definitely time consuming > Through the years, marketing for the most part has stayed the same: Identify your target market, research your competition and build trust through consumer feedback. The challenge with internet marketing and how it has become uber social is time consumption. The article in Mashable “6 Ways to Disconnect From Social Media” is classic – we need visuals nowa-socialmedia-days, photos are incorporated into the article to show us what to do to “disconnect from social media”.  But, let’s be realistic, social media can be everywhere – desk or mobile – I think there are  things we should do to disconnect besides just a few moments of escape in nature or  playing a song on a musical instrument – we need to log off, shut down, etc. Social media is everywhere and it is real time, unless we are disciplined enough to shut down our computers or mobile devices, we are still tempted. I just finished reading “Linchpin” by Seth Goden, he gives a great example of disconnecting by simply not opening certain sites during certain tasks, no email, no Twitter, no LinkedIn – just write the blog or update the spreadsheet, no multi-tasking. I love my Android phone feature  that allows me to turn mobile off – It’s great, I still can be available by phone, but no dings telling me I have another email!