Evergreen content is applicable content that is going to be significant for a long time: Evergreen trees are conifers, which basically means the needles stay alive throughout the seasons, additionally, these needles are valuable for producing useful, much needed raw materials.

Content is the reason business succeed. Google has been quite clear that creating meaningful, fresh, sustainable content is going to get you found on search engines.

That’s a tall order! Producing fresh, new content daily in addition to social media and email marketing. I used to write all the content for client’s years ago – Now, companies hire marketing teams to solely concentrate on writing and publishing new content.

It’s important. It’s necessary. It’s what’s expected. Using a creative writer to assist with your marketing campaigns is your best bet if you can’t hire a team.

Knowing that getting new – Evergreen – content published on your website and posted on your social channels is how your business will continue to succeed for years down the road is worth the investment. When you help others with knowledgeable information, they will come back to you for more! Publishing this Evergreen content is going to put you in a position of incredible value and your business reputation will increase and advance when customers search for your services and products.

Contact me and start planting the “trees” to your success!!