Creative Content

Creating the perfect post: Image, words, tags – wait, not that, not this. Start over! It happens to us all, that uncertainty of should I, shouldn’t I ??  Then you have certain posts to question: Why did they post that!!?? There’s so much freedom in social media, sometimes it can create a reputation that’s not professional – in the traditional sense that is – What I find pretty amazing is how some “professionals” defined in Websters is  professionalism –  the competence or skill expected of a professional.

Embody this unprecedented freedom in regards to creating an unprofessional image. Interestingly enough, the “professional” nowadays has freedom from stereotypical corporate responsibility and therefore publishing content about themselves which is their business is much more unique, and perhaps, forgiving is a better word choice. I’ll admit, I do “unfollowing” some people I consider professionals in their field only to discover from their social posts they are radically different from my conscious beliefs. I did not post a comment or post s bad review – just organized my right on the “unfollow” box. I am sure they have not lost business because of me and I am sure they are still posting content as it speaks to their cause.

The professional has turned personal and has created self-expression and followers who accept their indiscretions along with their professional experience. Working for yourself creates a great deal of freedom – content is extremely powerful – therefore, your freedom is powerful.

I still hold a great deal of respect for both – the corporate professionals whose content design is consistent , clean, beautiful and purposeful – as well as some of the fun more un-candid post from entrepreneurs that like to mix their personal and professional.

Core values: Working with brands and businesses that adhere to creative integrity, respecting the powerful influence social publishing has on people.

“Great things are created when integrity meets achievement”

– Christina Lee